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History of Wedding Flowers

- by Julia

Wedding flowers have a long history, stretching back to the Greeks, who made crowns or garlands from herbs and flowers for both the bride and the groom.  Garlic was often carried to ward off evil spirits.

Much later, the herbs had all but gone, but each flower carried special meaning - floriography had been invented.  A carnations, roses and tulips were the symbols of love while lavender was the symbol of devotion.

These days, brides choose their flowers to match the colour scheme of the wedding.  Luckily, flowers can be imported these days giving the bride a much larger selection to choose from.

There are stories out there that suggest that brides used flowers to hide their body odours as people only bathed once a year.  This is completely untrue - people have been bathing for years and while they may have not been as clinically obsessed with bathing and showering as modern day people, they would still have looked after themselves.