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History of Silk Flowers

- by Julia

Like wedding flowers, silk flowers have a long history dating back thousands of years. Bridesmaid Silk Wedding Flowers

The Egyptians started things by making floral wreaths from painted horns, while the Romans made artificial flowers from wax.  Both the Egyptians and the Romans ordained their creations with gold and silver leaf.

Later, the Chinese used silk and rice paper to create beautiful flowers.  These days, most of the artificial flowers used in the western world are manufactured in Chinese factories.

The introduction of new plastics in the '60s allowed for the creation of foam flowers.  These, however, are at the lower end of the market and don't look particularly realistic.

These days, the term 'silk' has become a generic term that encompasses all the different types of artificial flowers.  Most are made from screen printed fabric these days while some are made from an latex-like material in order to give them a more realistic look.